The best robot vacuum cleaner for pets. Get rid of hairs in your home!

robot vacuum cleaner for pets review

The best robot vacuum cleaner for pets. Get rid of hairs in your home!

The best robot vacuum cleaner for pets. Get rid of hairs in your home! 1460 821 The Star Reviews

The best robot vacuum cleaner for pets. Get rid of hairs in your home!

You love your pet above all else. That ball of hair has won your heart for its love and fidelity. You spend the day caressing it and turning the house upside down to remove the hairs that it loose on the floor, your clothes or the furniture. We bring you the perfect device to end this situation. If you want to know which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pets, don’t miss the post that we bring you today in Star Reviews.

best robot vacuum cleaner for pets

What should you look for to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

  • Brushes. The robot vacuum cleaner you choose must have at least two brushes. One main and one rotating side brush to properly vacuum and clean close to the wall. In addition, it must have an anti-tangle system to prevent hair from clogging the canal.
  • Mop. There are certain types of flooring (parquet, for example) in which the hair is not sucked correctly due to the material from which they are made. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop to obtain a perfect result.
  • Power. The power will determine the effectiveness with which the robot vacuum cleaner leaves our floor untouched. It is necessary to choose the one that has different levels depending on the degree of dirt in our home.
  • I scrubbed. If you want a special robot vacuum cleaner for pets that leave your floor pristine, we recommend that you buy one with a scrubbing function.

Now that you know what to look for, we are going to show you the best pet robot vacuum cleaner 2020.

The iRobot Roomba 980 Black and Brown Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a three-stage cleaning system with a rotating side brush that will perfectly collect your pet’s hair and other dirt and dust. Its AeroForce filter collects up to 99% of particles and allergens no matter how small they are. In addition, it detects through sensors those areas where dirt can accumulate to a greater extent.

Thanks to its brushless extractors, hair does not get tangled and there is no danger of jamming. In addition, it has an autonomy of up to 2 hours and once its battery runs out, it returns to the charging base and once it is ready, it restarts the task until your house is spotless.

Its use is very easy and intuitive and you can program and control it through the iRobot Home application from your mobile phone. Given its benefits, this robot is not exactly cheap since it exceeds 900 euros. However, with it you will get to have an impeccable house without doing anything. It is a good investment!

If you prefer to get a cheap robot vacuum cleaner for pets, but that fulfills its function efficiently, we present the Rowenta RR7145WH Black Robot Vacuum Cleaner . It has 2 side brushes perfect for corners and those more complicated areas. In addition, with its rotating central brush, all the mites, dust and, of course, your pet’s hair will be quickly sucked out.

It has four different modes (random and random +, specific corners, and spots) so you only have to decide the right one according to your specific needs. It incorporates automatic and secure navigation based on infrared and sensors. This Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner for pets has an autonomy of 100 minutes on a full charge (4.5 hours). You can quietly program its operation and completely forget about it. As for its price, it does not reach 400 euros.

If we were to ask consumer robot vacuum cleaners for their opinions, the ROOMBA E5 robot vacuum cleaner would certainly do well. This robot vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for households with pets as it promises to collect more pet hair than other vacuum cleaners thanks to its two multi-surface rubber brushes and 5 times greater suction power.

In addition, with its Dirt Detect sensors, it automatically recognizes the areas that present a higher degree of dirt to affect them especially. You can control and schedule cleaning with iRobot Home and it has an autonomy of 90 minutes. Mites, dust specks, and allergens will also be controlled as it is 99% efficient at eliminating them. You’ll love it!

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