Bosch CTL636ES6 Reviews: Fully Automatic coffee maker Bosch CTL636ES6, all its features

Bosch CTL636ES6 Review

Bosch CTL636ES6 Reviews: Fully Automatic coffee maker Bosch CTL636ES6, all its features

Bosch CTL636ES6 Reviews: Fully Automatic coffee maker Bosch CTL636ES6, all its features 1460 821 The Star Reviews

Superautomatic coffee makers are gaining a greater role in our homes. And it is no wonder since they allow you to enjoy real ground coffee in a matter of seconds. In today’s review in Star Reviews, we want to talk to you about the Bosch CTL636ES6 built-in coffee maker that will allow you to make delicious coffee while giving a modern touch to your kitchen with a designer coffee maker.

bosch ctl636es6 review

The first thing you should know about the Bosch CTL636ES6 series 8 model is that it is a fully integrated coffee maker that you can place without a problem in the furniture of your choice. And what type of coffee maker is it? Well, it’s a super-automatic with a built-in coffee grinder. Although it is not just any grinder. The Ceram Drive is designed with tough technology for a more powerful flavor in every grain. In this way, you choose the coffee you choose, you will have a unique and high-quality flavor.

We all know that in our daily routine we don’t have a minute to lose. Therefore, what better way to make two coffees at the same time? Possibly nothing! Simply put in two cups and select the Double Cup option to have them ready in seconds.

In addition, you can easily select the type of coffee that you most want on the OneTouch panel. Espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato, just choose the one you like the most that day and the Bosch super-automatic coffee machine will offer it to you in a matter of seconds. Its automatic coffee and foam control creates delicious coffees for you to enjoy every day.

bosch ctl636es6 review

If you like your coffee especially strong, why not activate the Aroma Double Shot function? This will make you enjoy a very powerful coffee thanks to the double grinding and preparation process. This coffee maker thinks of everyone!

Does the Bosch CTL636ES6 coffee maker integrate wifi?

Now you may be thinking: but how is a coffee maker going to have a Wi-Fi connection? Although it may seem like a thing of science fiction, the reality is that this Bosch model does integrate it. And thanks to it, you can access multiple functions that will make your life more comfortable.

You will simply have to download the Home Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. From there… you will become the best barista!

With the CoffeeWorld function, you can surprise your guests with delicious coffees from across the pond. You will simply have to put your tastes and preferences (if you like a more intense coffee or a creamy cappuccino), select from the recipes that this function proposes, and let your coffee maker do the rest. In addition, you will also have information about the existing types of coffee, the process of making, and roasting the beans or recipes made with it. You will be an expert!

One of the most interesting features of this coffee maker is the Coffee Playlist. With it, the coffee maker will “reproduce” all the coffees that you choose, that is, it will make them one after the other and you will only have to put the cup underneath. In addition, with MyCoffee you can register up to 8 types of personalized coffees. That is if you like short and intense and your partner sparkling and long, you can create two different profiles so that the coffee maker always makes your coffee according to your preferences. Ah! And you can choose between 3 temperature levels depending on how you want it at all times.

And if your Bosch coffee machine does not work as it should, you can have efficient and fast technical service thanks also to Home Connect and remote diagnosis. You will simply have to call the number that will appear in the app and an expert will connect remotely to your coffee maker to evaluate possible failures. It couldn’t be easier!

All these characteristics and benefits are reflected in the price of the Bosch CTL636ES6 since it is around 2000 euros. However, it is a good investment since it is a high-quality coffee maker with great durability and guarantee.

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