Siemens washing machines with Sensofresh

Siemens washing machines with Sensofresh Review

Siemens washing machines with Sensofresh

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Siemens washing machines with Sensofresh, the washing machine with ozone to disinfect your clothes

If you are concerned about the total cleanliness of your clothes, you should only opt for new generation washing machine models such as Siemens washing machines with SensoFresh. Thanks to this innovative cleaning system, all bad odors and germs are eliminated from all types of garments without the need to wash them at high temperatures, keeping even the most delicate fabrics that cannot be washed with water as the first day.

One of the things this Siemens technology boasts is that it delivers laundry results without having to leave home. In addition, this type of program is ideal for delicate items that cannot be machine washed.

Siemens washing machines with Sensofresh

How does a Siemens SensoFresh washing machine work?

Active oxygen acts as a natural disinfectant and sanitizer.

With the sensoFresh program, it eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and microbes that accumulate on clothes. At all times the use of detergents, chemicals, or the high temperatures that are usually used in conventional washes is dispensed with. Therefore, it is the perfect cleaning cycle for sensitive fabrics or more delicate garments.

Also, this program offers a quick and dry cleaning cycle, so you can always have your clothes ready for use.

Advantages of Siemens SensoFresh technology

Among the many advantages offered by the SensoFresh cleaning program for Siemens washing machines, we can highlight several:

  • Elimination of odors. It does not matter if you have been barbecue with your friends or have gone out to party since the SensoFresh technology is capable of eliminating the strong odors of food or tobacco without the need to wash the clothes.
  • Greater sanitation. Like bad odors, nebulized water is responsible for completely eliminating both germs and bacteria that accumulate on clothing. So it is the best cleaning program for people with allergies or respiratory problems, as well as for cleaning children’s garments. Undoubtedly, any battery will be eliminated thanks to the active carbon filter.
  • Cleaning the most delicate fabrics. Some of the most sensitive fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool suits or garments … are completely clean and sanitized thanks to the SensoFresh program. Fast and effective cleaning without the use of any type of chemicals or water. In this way, the most delicate fabrics will remain in perfect condition, as well as completely clean without having to take them to the dry cleaner every time you put them on.
  • Greater time and effort savings. In just 30 minutes you will be able to enjoy clean and odor-free garments with this cleaning program. Without a doubt, with this type of cleaning with active oxygen, you will not have to go back to the dry cleaner or wash your delicate garments by hand. Enjoy a total cleaning without allergens, odors, or effort with the SensoFresh cleaning program.

At all times this program is in charge of offering total effectiveness and total care of the garments compared to other cleaning programs such as steam with which the fabrics are overheated. Therefore, Siemens washing machine models with SensoFresh have very favorable opinions from users who are already taking advantage of this cleaning method.

Best Siemens washing machines with SensoFresh

There are many models of Siemens washing machines with SensoFresh. Therefore, we tell you some of the characteristics of these models.

First of all, we can meet the Siemens WM14T790ES A +++ washing machine. This Siemens 9 Kg capacity washing machine offers us all kinds of special washing programs that we can choose from. Also, this smart washing machine allows you to connect via Wifi to your electronic devices to enjoy the benefits of a Smart Home.

Another model to highlight is a Siemens washing machine with SensoFresh iQ800, the Siemens WM16XFH0ES washing machine. Keep your most delicate garments in perfect condition with this Siemens front-loading washing machine. It also allows you to connect to any electronic device through the Home Connect app, so you can enjoy a smart home.

Likewise, with its varioSpeed ​​system, you can enjoy a much faster wash, enjoying both greater savings in consumption and saving time. Its powerful iQdrive motor offers the best performance and less friction during operation, which provides a higher level of silence in your home.

On the other hand, if you are interested in models in other colors, you can always opt for the Siemens WM14T79EX A +++ washing machine. This Siemens washing machine with SensoFresh iQ500 has all kinds of quick wash programs, so you can enjoy clean clothes in just a few minutes.

With the waveDrum drum of this Siemens washing machine with SensoFresh of 9 Kg, movements of the drum are guaranteed together with that of the asymmetric blades that are able to distribute the laundry more evenly. This is how the water penetrates directly into each of the tissues.

The price of a Siemens SensoFresh washing machine is a short-term investment, as the washing technology it offers us is of high quality. In addition, their motors have a 10-year guarantee ensuring the high quality of these Siemens front-loading washing machines.

Now that you know the SensoFresh Siemens technology review and you know some of the washing machine models with this system, you will not have to worry about keeping your clothes clean, without bad smells or germs.

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