Comparison of the best mobile analytics tools

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Comparison of the best mobile analytics tools

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Comparison of the best mobile analytics tools

If you want to boost your mobile app’s performance and improve its monetization, you need to analyze user behavior. This is where mobile application analysis tools come in.


Mobile Analytics tools provide rich educational information that you can leverage to increase user retention, engagement rate, and, ultimately, your conversion and revenue.


In this article, you will learn about the best mobile app analysis tools, how they work, their main features, and their prices.

Full comparison of Mobile Analytics tools


mixpanel review mobile analytics tool

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics solution that can be deployed both on the web and on mobile. While most analytics platforms measure the number of page views, Mixpanel takes a different approach by measuring and analyzing the actions of people who access your system or application. With Mixpanel, an action can be anything. For example, it could be someone uploading a picture, streaming a video, or sharing a message. Mixpanel was designed and developed to enable businesses and organizations of any size to monitor and analyze user behavior effectively. Thanks to Mixpanel, tracking customer behavior is now a snap for businesses, no matter how much time and funding they have.

  • Whether your app is web-based, or on iOS and Android, you have the ability to easily measure actions and not just simple pageviews.
  • With a simple interface, Mixpanel allows you to explore and understand the behavior of people within your application
  • A free plan, a “Growth” plan at $ 779 / year and an “Enterprise” plan available only on estimate.


Flurry Analytics

flurry review mobile analytics tool

Flurry Analytics gives you the tools and resources you need to gain a deep understanding of your users’ behavior in your applications. Configure advanced analysis of complex events, with metrics, segments and funnels, to better track your users’ habits and performance. Flurry Analytics provides you with a set of analytics tools designed to work with your data and enable you to achieve the best possible reporting results for running your business.

  • Flurry Analytics, if applied to iOS apps, allows the app owner to track their app.
  • Examples of analytics that can be tracked are the number of times a user viewed a specific page; number of times a user has pressed a button; the time spent on a given page or in another specific place in the application.
  • Flurry Analytics is free.



amplitude review mobile analytics tool

Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that aims to provide access to the “behavioral layer” of user data, which is an intermediate level between raw data and dashboards. Amplitude provides the ability to zoom in on individual data points to view behavioral data, users, and actions behind each point on a graph.

Amplitude’s user feeds reveal the most common actions performed after user enrollment and which typically precede in-app purchases, creating paths. The behavior of the users of each application can be visualized with an unlimited number of real-time and chronological activities.

  • Amplitude measures conversion rates using funnels to identify points where users abandon the sign-up, upgrade, or purchase processes.
  • Users can be segmented into groups to compare them between different metrics, such as conversion and retention, on the same graph.
  • A free trial then packages available only on request.



localytics review mobile analytics tool

Localytics is the leading mobile engagement platform. It gives businesses the knowledge and tools they need to improve their mobile app acquisition, engagement, and retention efforts. They use all user data to create highly targeted and personalized engagement campaigns, including push and in-app messages. They then use performance data to measure and optimize those efforts to prepare the metric for businesses to move forward.

  • New user analysis identifies the most effective sources of growth.
  • Event tracking is used to analyze conversion funnels, feature usage, content access, ad performance, etc.
  • A free trial version then a Pro version at $ 1,200 / month and an Enterprise version with a price on request.



adjust review mobile analytics tool

Adjust is a mobile marketing solution used by agencies and distributors of mobile applications. It is a mobile attribution platform capable of tracking marketing channels and attributing customers to their sources. Adjust gives users access to tools that help them understand and analyze what customers are doing in their application. To be able to optimize marketing campaigns, and target the right customers, Adjust allows users to group or segment customers according to defined criteria and objectives. Last but not least, Adjust offers the option of using custom deep links to give customers a seamless download experience before they log into the app directly.

  • Adjust helps marketing agencies track and understand their customers’ journeys on mobile.
  • One of Adjust’s most powerful features is its ability to prevent mobile advertising fraud.
  • Free trial version. The paid plan is only available on an estimate.



countly review mobile analytics tool

Countly is an open-source data analytics solution designed for mobile analytics, web analytics, and mobile performance management. It pulls together information from various devices and creates a clear picture of that data. It provides you with very actionable insights from your users that you can use to further improve your product. Countly enables marketers, IT administrators, and product managers to discover ways to dramatically improve their marketing campaigns, application performance, and customer engagement by providing them with a comprehensive insight into how their application behaves in various scenarios.

By providing businesses with crucial information about their users and mobile applications, Countly enables them to build customer loyalty, improve usability, solve problems, and gain a clear competitive advantage.

  • Countly collects customer data and displays all the information you need in real-time on its user-friendly dashboard.
  • Countly regularly updates all information in its system. Whatever numbers are displayed on your dashboard, and you can be sure that it is the very latest information.
  • Free trial version. The paid plan is only available on an estimate.


branch review mobile analytics tool

Branch is a mobile marketing platform that helps businesses acquire, engage, and measure user actions across multiple platforms, channels, and devices. Deep links point directly to in-app content from different channels and platforms for better user experience. The platform ensures that users go to the right page while allowing new users to go to the right installation page. Attribution and analytics tools capture all customer touchpoints across different platforms and channels, eliminating mobile fragmentation and better understanding customers. Branch also supports seamless integration with popular platforms,

  • Branch offers a variety of marketing solutions that help drive mobile engagement and user experience.
  • The platform helps convert web traffic to app users through smart banners and targeting.
  • Free trial version. The paid plan is only available on an estimate.



kochava review mobile analytics tool

Kochava is a metrics provider that offers mobile analytics tools to marketers and developers promoting their apps. The Kochava platform for mobile devices gives customers access to powerful measurement features and global coverage with thousands of network and publisher integrations. Real-time analytical visualizations provide customers with a full range of user data points to accurately measure user acquisition, application engagement, return on investment and building audience segments.

  • With the Kochava mobile analytics platform, marketers can sort through all available data points, create user cohorts, and export any dataset to various formats with just one click.
  • Track your users’ lifespan and analyze the real return on investment, by cohort or by user, within the Kochava platform.
  • Free version with limited functionality. Company version available but a price on request.



appsee review mobile analytics tool

Appsee is a qualitative software for analyzing mobile application users. It provides user data to mobile app creators using user sessions and heatmaps. This allows designers to identify areas for improvement so that they can achieve their defined key performance. With Appsee, app designers gain insight into how users use their apps. It is thanks to this analysis that they are able to know with which parts of the application users interact the most. Also, Appsee offers easy integration into business workflows. It requires few code changes, and yet it provides powerful insight into users.

  • Appsee customers like to understand the behavior of their users better. This allows users to leverage this information to improve retention and increase revenue.
  • With Appsee, developers can rest assured that their users’ personal information is not violated.
  • Free trial then various packages available only on an estimate.



apsalar review mobile analytics tool

Apsalar provides mobile app attribution and audience building services that optimize marketing effectiveness and generate maximum return on investment. Apsalar aims to offer mobile marketers an easy way to measure all of their campaigns in a single dashboard. Available through a simple SDK integration for Android and iOS, Apsalar provides flexible real-time analysis of user engagement and behavior, automated revenue analysis to understand and improve monetization, as well as a host of other useful audience analysis and reports.

  • Apsalar’s Mobile Marketing Cloud attribution component measures iOS, Android, and Windows app install and re-engages them without double counting.
  • The platform also tracks and links in-app purchases at the user level to enable measurement and optimization of the user experience.
  • Free version. Paid package on request.


bango review mobile analytics tool

Bango is a mobile payment platform designed to help online app stores power mobile payments. This is an innovative application that facilitates direct billing and operator resale models to extend payments beyond credit card limits. The solution paves the way for other universal payment methods that allow customers worldwide to click and purchase products, services, or content, and add the purchase directly to their phone billing. Its technology simplifies resale and bundling with leading international brands. It maximizes sales success and allows businesses to capture customers who buy more often.

Bango unearths resale opportunities with ISPs, mobile operators, cable companies, etc., making it easier to reach customers with inventive offers. The solution aims to simplify performance and deliver a seamless customer experience across mobile wallets and carrier billing.

  • Bango is revolutionizing the way online app stores collect mobile payments.
  • The Bango dashboard provides a consistent view of real-time transaction data across all billing routes.
  • Free trial version. The paid plan is only available on an estimate.


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