Moshi Lounge Q Review

Moshi Lounge Q Review

Moshi Lounge Q Review

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Taking advantage of the summer, Moshi announced a new wireless charger with a Danish-inspired design. Here is our quick review of the Moshi Lounge Q.

The Californian company took advantage of the beginning of the summer to announce a new accessory, Lounge Q, a wireless desktop charger that offers you a power of 15W and which falls within the new policy of the American brand to be guaranteed for 10 years.

The Q Lounge is part of the Q Collection of Moshi and has a Danish-inspired design. The Lounge Q differs from the competition because it offers a removable part on a rail. Indeed, the part that charges the smartphone can move and thus adapt to any smartphone. Thus, it is possible to easily recharge the smartphone in both landscape mode and portrait mode, more traditional.

Moshi Lounge Q Review

According to Moshi, the Lounge Q incorporates QCoil technology that delivers enough power to charge the smartphone, even with a thick shell. Moshi talks about a maximum thickness of 5mm, which is not nothing. We tried with different cases ranging from those of Moshi to those of Apple and those of Rhinoshield. For example, we noticed nothing in particular except that the smartphone remained well positioned and recharged well.

On the design side, we appreciate the sober side of the accessory and the finish remains excellent. The base itself is made of metal and allows to give balance to the whole. On the top, there are rubber edges, which prevents the smartphone from slipping due to its own weight. On the charging part, we find the Danish type fabric, but above all a rubber ring that allows the smartphone not to slip just in case. If it is USB-C, we may regret that the Lounge Q does not come with a mains charger. Likewise, we might have liked a detachable cable. Now, it’s still a great product that we enjoyed using. Count 74.95 euros , which we find a bit expensive, but that’s the price to pay for a successful design.

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